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Following a succesful career span exceeding 15 years in teaching and having gained invaluable experience at all levels from teaching Todlers through to A-Level, we have decided to offer a personalised service in Tunbridge wells Tonbridge and Sevenoaks area offering private tuition, and classes, with qualified tutors, teachers .

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At Optimum languages we understand that learning a new language is much more than getting to grips with a different grammar and vocabulary. Most people need to use the language for real life interactions: speak, dialogue, and converse. It’s just that the learning process will be oriented towards the objective of mastering oral interactions.

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We offer dedicated teaching, private tutoring or classes of French, Spanish, Italian and French, Chinese, and English , Japanese, Greek in Tonbridge , Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks area with only native teachers. Translation services are also available.

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Optimum Languages  1st Floor  193 High Street  Tonbridge  TN9 1BX  Tel - 01732 368423  Tel - 07759 470140
Tel: 01732 368423  Tel: 07759 470140
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