Course Programme

This 3-day course is designed to boost students’ confidence in GCSE IGCSE Y12 and Y13 in their comprehension and use of spoken and written French as they approach their examinations, (‘A2′, ‘AS’ & ‘IB’ levels). While suitable for IB students, please note that the syllabus followed will be AS and A2.


Intensive grammar revision: irregular verbs, subjunctive, perfect/imperfect, verb constructions, relative pronouns, agreement of past participle, adverbial phrases, prepositions.
Acronyms, faux-amis, passive voice.


Reading and aural, with the full use of the language laboratories.
Individual listening to authentic material recorded on audio tape followed by written exercises with a time limit.
Conversation workshops where students are asked to come prepared with a few ideas on the subject(s) to be discussed. This is primarily an oral exercise but it is important that students note ideas and vocabulary. Subjects include: Transport, Violence, Publicity, Environmental issues, Media, Immigration, Health, Globalisation, Culture, Current affairs.
Choice of workshops to suit student’s needs - literature, making the best if the internet to revise, individual practise for role-play etc.
Preparation for free composition in French: how to select relevant ideas, and to classify and present them clearly.
Civilisation General presentation of French politics and society: political spectrum, France and Europe, education. Thanks to the satellite TV facilities, students will be able to watch the news live. Follow-up vocabulary building exercises and discussion leading to students producing their own bulletins.

Lunch Times

Students have to make their own arrangement by bringing their own packed lunches, but they have to stay on the premises during the lunch hour. They will have work to prepare; they can watch TV or French DVDs, see the tutor and ask for help and explanations.
Students must be prepared to work hard and are expected to express themselves in French throughout the 3 days.
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